Doddle Illustration

I just finished up a new illustration for Doodle; a Film Industry App company. I was in charge of designing a banner for use at a tradeshow. Something to grab the viewers attention and give a quick visual of what the appliction does. The Doddle application is a hub for the production community, creating a platform to organize and orchestrate everything from Digital Call Sheets to Catering services. With this I brainstormed on the idea of a hub, the one stop shop, the Multi-Tool. That brought me to the idea of the Swiss Army Knife, the one tool that can take care of any problem or issue that arises. I played around with the idea of using icons speaking of the different functions instead of the usual ‘knife and scissors’ of the Swiss Army Knife, but time and budget would not allow it, so we went with a more literal display. I love these sorts of projects. I dont get that much of an opportunity to illustrate with many of my clients, so it is always a pleasure when I do.

About larsonimages

Jon Larson of LarsonImages is a Portland, Oregon based Photographer and Graphic Designer.

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