Tea Time Pics

The Compassion Tea Company (www.compassiontea.com) has added a few new accessories to their product line, so I was tasked with taking images for the website. I have been enjoying tea as of late, both to drink and to shoot. The golden hues on white glass is just beautiful. Here are a few snaps from the session. The tea pot images are fun. One has a blooming tea which is a handmade tea ball that slowly ‘blooms’ as it opens in the hot water. The other I used a black tea to get a rich copper color and you can witness the tea uncurling and slowly falling. One of the images is at the start of the infusion, before the tea had a chance to break through the small slits in the infuser and color the rest of the water in the teapot.

About larsonimages

Jon Larson of LarsonImages is a Portland, Oregon based Photographer and Graphic Designer.

One comment

  1. Susan

    That is a great lineup of pics Jon!! Now I understand how I ended up with my tea pot from your mom (besides I love tea also).

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