About this Blog

It has been a long time coming for me to get this blog up and running. I struggled for months, well years actually, to figure out what it was going to be. Why do I need a blog and who in their right mind would take the time to peruse such a thing? My biggest hurdle has been to figure out a voice for the page. I want to have it as a place to show off some of my latest professional work for clients to keep up to date on what I have been doing, but I also wanted it to be a place for me to put up some of my personal work. For me my professional and personal life has no clear delineation. It all makes me happy. So I figured I would open this blog up to my personal work and a bit of nonsense as well; some of those goofy projects that come out of me now and then because in the long run, I think I would be perfectly happy making such silliness full time for a paycheck so might as well put it out there for the world to roll their eyes at.

With that in mind, treat this blog as a break in your day. There will be some pretty pictures, new designs, experimentation, odd projects and probably more goofy pictures of me than anyone should display for the masses. Come back now and then to see what is new and chime in if you feel it deserves a few key strokes from you.



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