Compassion Tea Tin Design

The latest offering from Compassion Tea Company is their pyramid bag tins. We started off with a small line of three varietals, but hope to expand if the response is good. The clean and bright style I created for Compassion Tea always makes it a joy to shoot and design for. Start off with my clean white glass and some bright lighting and those teas burst into deep, rich golds, crimsons and straw tones. So much fun to work with.

threecupsofteaThreeTinsPyramidTin3 PyramidTin2 PyramidTin1

About larsonimages

Jon Larson of LarsonImages is a Portland, Oregon based Photographer and Graphic Designer.


  1. Pops

    Beautiful. Do you also can-up Long Island Iced Tea?

  2. George Larson

    Beautiful presentations. Looks good enough for a coffee drinker to try.


    On Thu, Mar 28, 2013 at 11:25 AM, larsonimages

  3. Beautiful! love the reflections too

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