Whimsical Ceramic Bulbs

Every few years I have the opportunity to find a potters wheel to sit behind and sling some mud around. I have been doing this on and off for years… mostly off, therefore the quality of my work is not always tip top, but every now and then something beautiful comes out of the kiln with my name on it. The easiest way for me to achieve this is to sneak into the kiln room before the firing and put my name on somebody elses beautiful work. But every once in a great while, that named piece was thrown with my own hands. These three pieces are, to me, three of those pieces. An interesting trio of bowls, vases or bulbs, I was lucky enough to get them put into a soda firing. A soda firing is where an amount of Soda Ash is thrown into the kiln mid firing. The ash then heats up and in the turbulent air mass, fuses in interesting patterns on the pieces combining with the minerals of the clay to create some beautiful results.

About larsonimages

Jon Larson of LarsonImages is a Portland, Oregon based Photographer and Graphic Designer.

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